Nesting frenzy…(aka recent home improvements)

I give credit (or blame) the recent home improvements on 3 things.

#1- Hormones. I'm almost 32 weeks and I've felt the need to "nest" for about the past month.

#2- The World Cup. Chad wanted to watch the world cup, so we ordered cable. That's when I began to watch HGTV while Chad was at work.

#3- My neighbor Amy. She had asked to see my house to see how I had decorated. As I gave her a tour of our home, I found myself repeatedly saying things like, "This room isn't finished. I intend…", or "I painted this wall such-and-such a color, but I really don't like it…", and other such excuses.

Between all three, I came to the conclusion that I should actually do something about my house.  I should also note that there was a time in the past when I had become discontented with my house (that post is here).  I think it was around that time that I found the following scripture in DC 51:16-17

"And I consecrate unto them this land for a little season, until I, the Lord, shall provide for them otherwise, and command them to go hence;

And the hour and the day is not given unto them, wherefore let them act upon this land as for years, and this shall turn unto them for their good." 

I realized then that when I wasn't taking care of my home like I should, I was finding more fault with it.  So this scripture became my mantra throughout all the home improvements of the past month.  

I thought it was interesting to find in this month's Ensign, the article, "Act upon This Land as for Years".  I felt a reconfirmation that my decisions to make home improvements had been a good thing and even pleasing to the Lord.

Well, here's the before and after pictures…

 Living Room.  Before…
(I know, the left picture is technically some of the kitchen/dining area.)
(These next two are technically "during". No, I didn't have huge white spots or the letter "F" (which I might add stands for the paint color "Baby Fawn") on my walls.)
After… (Yes, my child is playing in plastic wrap…don't worry. He didn't suffocate.)
I've loved this painting called "Christ in the Red Robe" by Minerva Teichert ever since I saw it in the temple. I was excited to find it for sale in the BYU Museum of Art.
Kitchen.  Before...
No, we did not do the tiling.  But Ross Carpet and Flooring did a fabulous job on our backsplash!
I've wanted The Family: A Proclamation to the World on my wall for awhile and I was excited when I found this letterpress version of it on etsy. And I was also excited to find this big, chunky frame on etsy as well.
The boys room.  Before…
This is the original state and then...
…we moved Max into his room. Their favorite pastime was climbing up that wall and launching off onto the bed. They may have broken one of the slats under the bed :)
Sounds silly, but the boys LOVE their new room!  And they're doing such a good job (thus far) at taking care of it.  Liam "makes" his bed on his own accord without reminders about half the time.  I think he feels a sense of ownership and pride in his nice new bed, and the picture of him, and the L for Liam, and even the "Dusty" art that I made to hang above his bed.

And Max…he bounces around on the beds and likes to put his fingerprints on the pictures…but just because he is excitedly pointing out Dusty, Thomas, the temple, and Jesus.

Initially wondered if I was a little crazy to invest money in "nice" things for their room, but felt reaffirmed in my decision when I heard a designer on HGTV say that it is a good thing to have nice things in your home so that your children learn to take care of things.
I really want a picture of the temple & the Savior in each child's room.
The nursery.  Before, well kind of because...
nursery before-1
...I did paint a navy accent wall (which I hated) after the previous pictures were taken.
After… I love my polka dots that I got from Caroll at Vinyl Express! I got them in white in 1.5". I probably used 80-85 dots and spaced them 12 inches apart horizontally & 8 inches apart vertically. Does that make sense? :)
Today is my birthday and I told Chad that I'd like the supplies for some sort of home improvement for my present (maybe crown molding in the master bedroom??). But I have to admit- at this point I'm a little worn out and may take a bit of a break before we jump into the next project!


Shannon & Josh Adams temple wedding

And this was the main reason for my coming to Arizona. Shannon & Josh were getting sealed in the Snowflake, Arizona temple. It really was such a beautiful ceremony. One of the best I've attended.
Wilkins' family...the whole group (minus me, of coarse)...& the Adam's family
Sister pic!
And my fav shots to do...just the couple. :)

Wilkins Reunion 2014

Thank goodness for Aunt Shannon! She provided most of the entertainment for my boys. This included 4-wheelers & her Thomas train sets that she brought up. I never had to wonder where Liam was, because he was more than likely playing trains. And Shannon's Preston was also a godsend. He spent hours playing with the kids and setting up elaborate tracks for all of them.
Max, Collette (Reisner), Liam & Channing (Bitter)
All the uncles & aunts (Shannon, Josh, Cody, Royce & Kelsi) were really good about giving all the little kids rides on the quads.
Note- I do know that a "quad" is not a motorcycle. But my boys did not know that. So thus, I call 4-wheelers "motorcycles".
Rt- Ruby, the walking mess. This girl probably hates her Aunt Michelle. She's a definite mama's girl & when she was throwing a tantrum for Kyra, I'd go scoop her up & tell her, "Do you want to see you mama? Well, then you've got to stop crying." This usually calmed her tantrum :) But she is a cute mess...even with hair in her eyes.
Cousins playing in a make-shift fort.  Sadie (Reisner), Gracie (Cook), Liam
Grandpa Wilkins playing trains with my boys.
Some of the group- (left to rt)- Ryan (Bitter), Dallin (Wilkins), Ruth (Stock), Ethan (Wilkins), Kelsi (Adams), Becky (Johnson), Sydney (Johnson), Preston (Holm), Stuart (Johnson), Ruby (Cook), Kyra (Cook), Rajae & Harley (Stock)
Left- I know each of these boys might not look like each other, but they all have something in common. They all have been told they look a lot like my grandpa Wilkins. So of coarse, I had to get a picture of them all together. Coincidence that they were all wearing some variation of red & gray?? Hmm...

Rt- This is my cousin Dallin. All the kids loved him and gravitated towards him!  He doesn't look much like grandpa (although he looks a lot like his dad), but thought we better get a picture of him anyways :)
Lynnae (Bitter), Sheena (Reisner), Adrian (Reagan)
Mom, Shannon (holding Harley Stock) (Around the campfire, left to right) Payson (Reisner), Mom, Sadie (Reisner (in green)), Shannon (Adams), Alisha (Adams(Shannon's sister-in-law)), Josh (Adams), Josh's mom, Gracie (Cook), Flint (Wilkins), Ethan (Wilkins)
Ruby & Gracie got into their mom's lipstick.  Times like that, I'm glad to have just boys :)
Left- Uncle Ryan (Bitter) playing trains with Channing (Bitter) & Max. Right- Max was jealous that I was taking pictures of other people's kids (as you can see from above), so I had to get a picture of just him.